Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Omg okay so my exams are OVER! I'm DONE second year! I know it's been a while since i've posted anything significant at all but I promise you and myself that I will be drawing and painting like a mad woman. I recently ordered the book: "Suicidegirls: Beauty Redefined". I know, I know, it's fairly scandalous..BUT!... There are a ton of pictures which I could use as photo reference for my future paintings! Also!! I have purchased the latest Juxtapoz magazine featuring Jeff Soto's artwork on the front as well as an interview of him AND AND AND!!! an interview by an artist who has just come to my attention who is NAMED...*goes to get magazine* .. Chloe Early! Check her out, for real. If you're a fan of realistic depictions of people and life amongst a clearly imaginary setting  (a la Ian Francis) then go go go! She does amazing works with oil paints which is similar to the style i'm going to be experimenting with over this summer. I've already managed to draw quite a bit in my sketchbook. I was about to buy a new one but realized I had left one at my boyfriends house so its perfect! I spent today drawing about 3 drawings of people just for practice. I used to love drawing more than painting but now I just love painting so much more. There's so much to explore with painting. Also, Jeff Soto's interview really made me feel like I had found someone who was much like me and that I can actually quote as proof, this was concerning how his painting technique has evolved:

" It was okay to wing it, it was okay to leave in mistakes and show your process. I think i still take that approach." 

DUDE I FEEL YOU! So far all throughout University professors have been forcing me to "make sure [my] figure touches at least three sides of the page!" or "Don't forget to be painterly!" OR "Put emphasis! use your eraser! erase the details!" NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! That is NOT how I roll thank you very much! I have ALWAYS always found that my absolute best works were from starting out with a line and then building off of it! Don't get me wrong. I really would love to master composition and styles like the Renaissance but I mean, I suck at that? haha well.. i'm getting better at displaying people but my composition is crap. THAT and like, I find professors are so desperate for you to make a nice composition that it just seems so effin fake you know? For Example:

 "Your painting is too heavy on the right side, add a lamp on the left"
 "but umm professor, this is a landscape painting.." 
 "AH TABERNAC! mettez une lampe on ze left!" 
My professors are french. But hence a painting that does not compute. That was a bit of an exaggeration but you get what I mean. I don't know. Maybe i'll get better at compositions with time and I know I still need lots more practice before I decide to get all snappy and rebellious towards my professors and saying "Well Jeff Soto said this.." or something haha. Whateverrrrr. I'll find my way...

What was I even talking about before? Well its almost 1am. Although summer has started and school is over, I still have a lot to do with my life for the next few days....Bah im starting to get nervous about painting...what if I can't produce anything I really like? Okay we'll save those thoughts for later. Teetee why ell!


  1. your blog is so much more interesting than my international relations notes, which is why i'm reading it instead.

  2. lol are u impersonating Christine?
    i can't wait to see what you end up painting this summer!

    take care!