Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And thus marks the end of second year painting.

And here it is. My roughly done fourth painting. I know it's not great but I hate hate hate doing bodies so I thought it would be nice practice. And anyways, my prof only really wants to see work that fits so I might as well make as much as I can regardless of the lack of quality work.I didn't finish the background or the couch because I like the wood! My professor tells me to put a background in and this is what she will get. It counts for something. I hate backgrounds. My composition sucks 85% of the time and I hate picking colours and bleh. I always found that when trying to do something realistic, it shows that you're TRYING and that you're not quite there yet haha. So I stop halfway :p. With time i'll get better. And yeah this is my explanation as to why this one looks so different than the rest.....But yes, this has no title. I'll make one up later..as well as a vague meaning. Enjoi!

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