Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hi, friends! (aka the two friends i have/see this.. ever)

Long time no talk. I don't have any art but this is related.

So today was a full day. After a series of sending letters/documents/photos/etc. to the committee, last summer, as of September 15th i was a nominee for the title of Best Artist in the Filipino Community. Pretty sweeeeet! My friend Ryan told me about it because he was volunteering with the committee and i'm glad he did. The award was $500 and the title. Tonight was the day of the awards ceremony. My managers let me off work a whole 2 hours early to go home and get ready for it which was damn awesome. Regardless, i was slightly late lol. Filippinos are always late tho so thank god i was late along with....everyone else haha. It was a friggen great experience. All the nominees were SO nice and SO welcoming and they all knew who i was and introduced themselves to me. They got a little sketched out though when i told them i really needed a drink lol, i could hear Alejandro's voice saying "bad krisha, bad" anyways they introduced us into the room one by one with music... it was that song that was like "ole-ole, ole-ole, feelin' hot hot hot" and needless to say i burst out laughing. I had no idea what the song was until i was halfway down the aisle and it was just too much. I waved to my family and awkwardly stood in front of everyone before sitting down to listen to speeches and have dinner. A lot of the nominees were extremely accomplished and of all ages. the best way to describe everyone lol. I went in not expecting anything and just had a great time. And no, i didn't win. But i got a plaque for being a nominee, met a lot of great people (ambassador of the Philippines, for one). Next time i think i'll try to take it more seriously and fluff myself up a bit. It'll give me motivation to work harder with school and anything art-related and hopefully next year i'll be a winner. At least i got this far haha.